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Black Cats Bring Good Luck

Moonshadow and me, Halloween 2016

Moonshadow is the newest addition to my little cat family. I met Moonshadow (formerly Nas) at a local pet store, and I couldn’t resist his piercing eyes. Lo and behold, his description read that he was good with other animals, which is very important when you have other pets in your home. I took it as a sign. I brought my new fur-baby home later that week, and named him after my favorite Cat Steven’s song and the color of his midnight coat.

Black cats are less likely to be adopted than cats of other colors. I love the fact that Moonshadow is black. It’s a constant reminder of Halloween (my favorite holiday). Because these felines are often associated with witches, many people think of them as bad luck. There are other theories as to why black cats are often ignored, but here are three reasons why you might want to look into adopting one.

1. Contrary to popular superstition, black cats are also known to bring good luck

In English and Japanese lore, black cats are said to be good omens. In England, they are thought of as a blessing on a new marriage. Give one as a gift to a bride on her wedding day and it might just bring her good luck! In Japan, a woman with a black cat is said to attract many suitors. So for all the single ladies looking for love, a black cat might be just what you need.

2. In Scottish folklore, a random appearance by a black cat supposedly brings prosperity.

Black cats are not only said to bring good luck in general, but more specifically, it’s believed that they can make you rich! So, being part-Scottish might explain why I’m drawn to them. The Scots believed that a stray black cat appearing on your doorstep would make you wealthy. Maybe I should consider moving to Scotland?

3. Every cat is beautiful and color shouldn’t matter.

Just like you should be teaching your children, it’s what’s inside that counts. When choosing a cat, you may want to look into different breeds. Every breed has unique personality traits, but fur color doesn’t have any impact on that.

My Moonshadow follows me into every room. He snuggles with me on the couch when I watch movies. He even meows in response when I cough. I fell in love with him because of his personality, not his fur color. No matter the breed and no matter the traits, every cat wants love and affection.

It’s not just black cats that are often the last to be adopted… Shelters often see black dogs taking longer to be chosen for fur-ever homes. Whatever the case may be, these dusk-colored cuddle buds deserve just as much love as the rest of them. I know from first-hand experience.

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